Our technology provides customized solutions cultivating growth ideas that result in higher yields.

Did you know …

The benefits of using probiotics in animals go beyond the health of the gut, says an animal nutritionist, who argues that bacteria can play a vital role in ensuring a more profitable and sustainable production of poultry.

” Probiotics can help poultry producers address a number of growth issues. Dr. Ajay Awati, principal investigator at DuPont Animal Nutrition, told us:
“Probiotics work by establishing and maintaining a beneficial microbial population – that is, stable and diverse – in the bird’s gut. This conditioning factor makes the intestinal environment less conducive to colonization with microorganisms that can have a negative impact on animal performance.“

Are you Frustrated with poor performance in Poultry Broilers? We have confirmed advantages in our Worldwide livestock farms.

Our probiotic treatments and protocol has successfully resulted in the following :

  • Reducing the vacuum between growth cycles from at least two weeks to only 3 days;
  • Cleaning not only the surfaces but also the air (using BT150) and drinking water of the birds (using BT250) the texture and taste of the meat are significantly improved;
  • Removal of pathogenic microbes, therefor no longer necessary to administer antibiotics;
  • The chicks reached a higher weight at the end of the growing period
  • Feed consumption is low and decrease in mortality;
  • Our presence in farms leads to a greater attention of the workers for the optimal care of the bird and the improvement of the smell in premises and bedding.


PROBIPRO’s organic products through its tested and validated solutions in some of the largest livestock farms in various countries, offers a revolutionary approach in animal farming to reduce dependence on chemicals and antibiotics.

Our organic patented probiotic solutions are degradable, non-poisonous, non- flammable, non-toxic , non-foaming and non-volatile.

For a healthy and natural growth of livestock

Chicks grow in a clean and healthy environment

Chickens grow to be strong and healthy with higher weight at the end of cycle.

Safe for animals, humans and environment.

Purchase our certified products, make your livestock happy, and with a piece of mind:

  • Classified as level 1 biosafety by the ATCC
  • Of natural origin, non-genetically modified (NON-GMO)
  • Researched and approved by OECD accredited laboratories
  • Edible organisms (AAFCO)
  • Qualified safety presumption by EFSA
  • 100% organic / 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for humans, animals and the environment.