BT 150 MISTING COMPOUND is a biological and organic product that contains probiotic bacteria.
Used in the misting (automatic or manual) and spraying of poultry houses, the product treats the space and the floor of the poultry house for the breeding of hens and laying hens.

BT 150 MISTING COMPOUND prevents pathogenic bacteria and viruses from growing in the air and in feces on the ground.
Helps prevent infections.
Helps break down feces into compost.

BT 150 MISTING COMPOUND treats bad odors created by excrement and improves the air quality in the poultry house.
Respectful of animals, people and the environment.
No protective measures required during use.

Dilution to use = 1 liter of BT 150 product for 20 liters of water. Dosage recommendations should be followed as mentioned in the protocol provided by the supplier.
Never use the product without diluting it in water.
This product is only reserved for animals.