Probiotic organic plant growth stimulant that also opposes the development of microbial pest (both bacteria and fungi).

Foliage treatment preparation that can successfully replace most of the synthetic poisonous chemicals that commonly used in agriculture.
Applied by spraying on the foliage of plants several times throughout the growth PLANT Improve plant metabolism and induce plant growth.
PLANT Improve plant immunity against many microbial pathogens.
PLANT contain natural probiotics mix (of several not GMO bacillus species) preserved in organic solution.

Product recommended dilution: use final dilution of 2-5% PLANT preparation in pure water.
Shake the product before use! PLANT can withstand water temperatures between 5 and 50°C with a pH between 6 and 8.
The use of biocides and chemicals must be avoided, and they must not be applied directly in combination with PLANT.
Use uncontaminated tools only.
For specific applications, contact us.